6 Signs You Need Window Repairs or Replacement – What To Look Out For

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High-quality windows help you save money on your power bill, get more natural light in your home, and create a more spacious, airy living environment. But windows don’t last forever. If you recognize any of the following signs, you may want to consider investing in window repair services – or even replacing your current windows with a new set.

1. You’re Noticing Drafts or Inexplicably High Heating/Cooling Costs

If you always feel chilly in a particular room of your house in the winter, or one or more of your rooms feels excessively warm in the summer, you may have air leaks, cracks, and drafts around your windows that are interfering with your HVAC system.

Even if you can’t feel the difference, you may also notice that your heating or cooling bill is climbing, seemingly for no reason. This is a sign to check for drafts and other insulation problems, and your windows could be the culprit.

2. Water is Leaking Around Your Windows

Water should not be leaking into your house around your windows, and it also should not be leaking around the exterior siding, either. Water leaks can lead to mold, water damage, issues with electrical systems, and lots of other problems, so contact a pro right away if you notice water leaking around your windows.

3. Your Windows Fog Up Regularly

Every once in a while, your windows might fog up due to humidity and temperature differences. That’s normal. But if your windows are constantly foggy, this may indicate drafts, damage to the window, failure of the window seal, and other such issues. A pro will need to repair or replace your window.

4. It’s Getting Harder to Open and Shut Your Windows

It should be easy to open and shut windows. But over time, they may become warped or damaged, and it will be harder to move them in their tracks. A window repair professional may be able to adjust the window and get it working properly.

5. You’re Noticing a Lot More Bugs In Your Home

Along with drafts, gaps, or damage around windows is common for bugs to get into your home. If you’re noticing many bugs in your home or a specific room, this could be because of your window issues.

6. Your Window Is Visibly Chipped or Cracked

This may be obvious, but it bears mentioning. A chipped or crack window should be repaired or replaced ASAP. The issue will only worsen, and the sooner you repair the window, the less complicated and expensive the repair or replacement will be.

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