Bathroom Remodeling

We specialize in simplified bathroom remodeling, providing accessible, straightforward solutions that transform your bathroom.

We use only the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure your bathroom remodel is durable and finished to the highest standard. Our team works efficiently and cleanly, respecting your space and privacy throughout the remodeling process.

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Great job Ethan! We love it!
They did a great job and were very professional. They dint meet my expectations they ExCEeDED then.
I spoke with Payton and she provided quality customer service.
Greg did an awesome job at my house. Any time I have a project that needs done he is there! 10/10 would recommend!
Great service, on time, friendly & experienced will definitely use them again.F. Marshall
My experience with Gateway Home Services was excellent. From my initial contact with Brandyn to the work performed by Dominic. Had a small leak caused by deteriorating caulk in my attic windows that damaged my ceiling. Dominic repaired the issue. With all the rain recently NO leak. If you want a company that responds, communicates, and addresses your needs check them out. Thanks Gateway.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kevin!
My experience with Gateway was amazing! Julius came out and did some caulk work and painting for us for our home sale. He was very professional and efficient in his work and it looks amazing! Thank you Gateway!
Bill, Ethan, and Karl were all over at our home for the deck work to be completed. They all did a fantastic job, and they could not have been nicer. They are reliable as well. I recommend this business to anyone.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jason!
Quick response; good value, good work, professional, highly recommend
Response from the owner: Thank you Byron!
Response from the owner: Hi, Jaclyn. We appreciate the rating, and are glad we could provide you with a positive experience!

Understanding Simplified Bathroom Remodeling

Simplified bathroom remodeling focuses on making impactful changes without overhauling the entire space. This approach is perfect for clients who seek a fresh look or need to upgrade certain aspects of their bathroom for improved functionality and aesthetics. Our services cater to this need, aiming to execute even minor changes with precision and care.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Our suite of bathroom remodeling services includes a variety of tasks that can significantly enhance the appeal and comfort of your bathroom:

  • Fixture Upgrades: Replacing old, worn-out fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and handles can instantly modernize your bathroom. We offer a selection of high-quality fixtures that add elegance and efficiency to your space.
  • Vanity and Cabinet Updates: A new vanity or updated cabinets can transform the look of your bathroom, providing both style and storage solutions. Our installations are seamless and designed to fit the existing layout of your bathroom, minimizing disruption and maximizing utility.
  • Tile Work: New tiles can breathe life into a tired bathroom. We provide tile replacement and installation services, offering a range of durable and attractive options that suit your style preferences and functional needs.
  • Painting and Wall Treatments: A fresh coat of paint or new wall treatments can change the ambiance of your bathroom. Our professional painting services are the perfect way to refresh your space with color and texture.
  • Lighting Enhancements: Proper lighting is crucial in a bathroom. We install a variety of lighting options, from ambient to task lighting, ensuring that your bathroom is well-lit and inviting.
  • Accessibility Improvements: For clients who require improved accessibility, we install grab bars, non-slip flooring, and other features designed to make the bathroom safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Why Choose Simplified Remodeling?

Simplified remodeling is ideal for those looking for a quick and cost-effective way to improve their bathroom space. It is less invasive than a complete remodel, often requiring less time and fewer resources, which is especially beneficial for small businesses that cannot afford extended downtimes.