5 Common Bathroom Problems and How To Fix Them

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The bathroom is one of the most used areas in a home, and it’s also the one most prone to issues. Luckily, common problems with the bathroom come with some pretty easy fixes most people can handle on their own!

However, other issues need the attention of a professional handyman. With more than 30 years in the remodeling business, Gateway Home Services concentrates on our customer’s needs and provides exceptional customer service.

1. Leaky Showerhead or Faucet

A leaky showerhead or faucet is more than just an inconvenience. Many homeowners tend to delay fixing the problem because they think matters aren’t that serious, and in truth, it is easy to ignore. But, your water bill will definitely feel the effects of a leaky shower head or faucet!

Fixing them usually involves replacing the showerhead or faucets with new ones, which involves a short trip to the store!

2. Slow Drains

There is a lot of debris that accumulates in your drains, from hair to dirt, and even residues from your soaps and shampoos. Many people overlook issues with their drainage until the pipes are really clogged, in which case they may even need to call a plumber.

However, if you keep a closer eye on things, you can keep your drains clear with a drain snake and take out the debris before it becomes a more expensive problem.

3. Running Toilet

This is another problem that can put some pressure on your water bill. If your toilet is constantly running, you need to look in the tank to see if the flapper chain is stuck. If it is, you can manually adjust it to fix the problem. Old tanks may not be so easy to adjust, however, so you could consider replacing them.

4. Bad Smells

Bad smells in your bathroom can come from a variety of different places:

  • Clogs
  • Mold
  • Standing water from leaks, etc.

If your bathroom smells bad, check for these usual culprits, address the issues, and then air out the bathroom for a few hours. If the odor persists, you can opt for some at-home solutions like deodorizers to help improve the smell in your bathroom.

If you try all of this and still can’t get rid of the smell, the problem may not be on the surface. One potential explanation is sewer gas coming out of the drains, in which case you need to call a plumber for help.

5. Mold

The bathroom is almost always humid and goes through big temperature shifts, so it’s not uncommon to experience mold, especially if you don’t have good ventilation. There are many at-home products you can use to get rid of mold safely in just a few hours.

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