5 Signs It’s Time For a New Deck In New Jersey

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A beautiful deck in New Jersey is the best place to grill, relax, and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle. But if your deck is aging, splintery, and not meeting your expectations, it may be time to have it rebuilt and replaced. What are the signs your deck needs to be replaced?

1. The Deck Is Visibly Sagging in Multiple Areas

If your deck is sagging in one or more areas, this likely means the substructure or vertical support beams are damaged, rotten, or otherwise compromised, and the structure is unsafe. It may fail without warning, so you should stay off of your deck until you’ve had it replaced.

2. Your Decking Is Split, Warped, Or Cracked

If most of your deck boards are warped, split, or cracked, it’s time for a new deck. It may be possible to salvage the substructure, but if the decking boards are compromised, they need to be replaced.

3. You Can See Signs of Wood Rot Throughout Your Deck

Rot in a couple of boards is not a huge problem, but if you notice rotting wood throughout the deck, you may need to replace it completely. Look for damp, discolored patches of wood that are soft to the touch. Rotted wood may also “give” and move slightly when you walk on it. If you notice these issues, contact a pro right away.

4. Nails and Screws Are Popping Out and Won’t Stay In

If the nails and screws securing your decking to the substructure keep popping up – and won’t stay in the boards when they’re reattached – there may be underlying issues with the decking or the overall wood quality. This is usually a sign that the wood needs to be replaced.

5. You’re Seeing Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites are, unfortunately, a common issue in New Jersey. If you notice termites in your deck, you need to have it torn down and replaced right away – they may spread to your home or may already have done so. Signs of termites in wood include:

  • Small holes in the wood
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Sunken or rippled wood
  • Termites swarming around deck lights

We also recommend that you get in touch with an exterminator to check for possible damage to your home, as untreated termite infestations can cause extensive damage to your property in New Jersey.

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