We Can Make Your Small Bathroom Roomier with these 4 Designing Hacks!

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So your bathroom is a bit small, and you wish you could find a way to make it look and feel more spacious than it is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We can help you get the most out of your small space with the following designing hacks.

These 4 hacks will help you maximize the sense of space without breaking the bank or compromising your bathroom’s personality.

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1. Have Your Bathroom Walls Painted

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to visually expand your bathroom and make it appear bigger than its modest square footage. Painting it will give your bathroom new life and brighten it up, creating the illusion of more space. But be careful when picking your colors. Why? Well, while some colors can make your bathroom look more spacious than it is, others will make it look even more tiny and claustrophobic.

Avoid using warm, medium, muted, and overzealous colors. Instead, choose light colors such as white, light gray, taupe or beige. Light colors reflect light in a way that creates contrast and depth in a space, which, in turn, enhances the sense of openness.

2. Have Frameless Glass Shower Doors Installed

While shower curtains effectively offer privacy and prevent excessive splashing when bathing, it’s time to drop them! In their place, have a frameless glass shower door installed. Frameless glass shower doors are not only splash-proof but will also make the bathroom feel bigger and airy. Alternatively, you can opt for sliding shower doors or pocket doors.

3. Have New Tiles Installed

Tiles rank among the top flooring materials, and for a good reason. They’re stylish, versatile in application, resistant to wear and water, and never go out of style. But that’s not all. Tiles, whether ceramic, mosaic, or porcelain, also have an expanding effect that makes rooms look larger. This is especially true if you blend the tile color and wall color. Investing in tile installation can help you add some visual inches to your bathroom.

Favor larger tiles instead of smaller ones, which can make a space look and feel busy and constricted. The tile color you choose should also blend seamlessly with the wall colors. This will help create a more unified look that helps increase the visual look of the space.

4. Have Lighting Fixtures Installed to Add Brightness

The more light there is in a room, the easier it is to trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is. Installing lighting fixtures in your bathroom will add more light to your bathroom, making it appear bigger and sophisticated. Implementing these designing hacks will not only add visual inches to your bathroom but will also make it cozier and stylish.

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