Why Should I Have My House Power Washed? The Top 5 Benefits

At Gateway Home Services, we offer a wide variety of handyman services and home maintenance services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and St. Louis, MO, including power washing.

If you’ve never had your home power washed, now is the best time to get the job done right! But why should you have it done? Here are 5 benefits of choosing to have your home professionally power washed.

1. Increase Curb Appeal & Home Value

First and foremost, power washing is a great way to remove years or decades of grime from your siding, roof, gutters, and even your windows. We use power washing tools that are adjustable and can be used safely on any material. Our team members are trained to protect your property while still providing excellent results.

By removing grime buildup and restoring your home’s appearance, you can enhance its curb appeal and feel great about how it looks, and you may even be able to get more money when it’s time to sell. According to Consumer Reports, a clean exterior could boost your home’s value by 2-5%.

2. Prevent Rot & Decay

Power washing can help remove dirt and debris that may contribute to the rot and decay of wood siding or damage to underlying structures of your home. This means it’s a great option for preventive maintenance.

3. Fight Back Against Microorganisms Like Mold & Algae

Algae, mold, moss, fungus, and other such organisms can begin to grow on a home over the years, particularly in cracks and crevices where they may not be washed away by rain or the elements.

We use antimicrobial soaps and products that help kill existing microorganisms and prevent them from coming back. This keeps your home looking great and prevents future issues.

4. Identify Other Issues With Your Home

During the house power washing process, Gateway Home may notice other issues like water leaks, damaged or worn-out windows, loose or failed siding, and other maintenance problems that should be addressed. This allows you to perform more preventive maintenance and ensure your house is in good overall condition.

5. Prepare For Further Services Like House Painting or Siding Refinishing

Pressure washing is a great way to prepare your home for painting or siding refinishing. Blasting dirt and grime away from the siding and other structures ensures that your painters will be able to apply paint or stain to a clean and properly prepared surface – leading to better overall results.

Contact Gateway Home For Home Power Washing

If your siding or paint is looking a little dingy and dirty, power washing is the best way to restore the appeal of your home without investing in a new paint job. So don’t wait. If you’re ready for professional home washing services in New Jersey, contact Gateway Home & Realty.

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