Kitchen Handyman – Are You Considering An Induction Stove?

With over 30 years of experience in the construction and remodeling industries, we can have your new stove installed correctly.

Buying a new stove can be quite the process given how many options there are available these days, but when you’re also considering switching to an induction stove, you may have many questions.

Induction stoves are basically flat surfaces equipped with heaters. The coils are powered by electromagnetic energy that activates when the iron in your cookware touches the surface. As the iron particles agitate, it causes the pan to heat up quickly. It’s an incredibly energy-efficient and safe way to cook, but is it right for you?

Induction Stove Pros

  1. It’s Faster – Unlike gas or electric stoves, induction stoves heat up fast because you don’t have to wait for an outside heat source to start warming up the pans and pots. It happens from within, in a sense.
  2. It’s Energy-Efficient – Induction stoves are a lot greener than their alternatives. With gas or electric stoves, some of the energy is lost during transmittance, which is a waste for all intents and purposes. Not only is that not very Earth-friendly, but it also drives up your bills quite a bit.
  3. Fewer Fire Hazards – As long as it’s not iron, you can put virtually any other materials on the surface without worrying that it will be ruined or, worse, catch on fire.
  4. They Are Easy to Install – You can fit them on higher surfaces, or even lower ones, so finding a spot for them in your kitchen isn’t a problem. Their versatility also makes them accessible for people with disabilities, who may not have a stove in a conventional location.

Induction Stoves Cons

  1. They Are an Investment – They can save you money long-term, but they are a bit more expensive than gas or electric stoves since the technology is fairly new. As it becomes more popular, however, prices are bound to drop.
  2. You Need Special Cookware – Many people don’t know what their cookware is made of, but if you are going to purchase an induction stove, you are about to find out. By design, you can only use iron cookware. That’s not usually a problem with newer models, such as stainless steel ones, but for the older ones, you can test them with a magnet to see if they’re induction-friendly!
  3. They Have a Learning Curve – Induction stoves heat up a lot faster, which means they take some getting used to. You may have some trial and error in getting your food not to overcook at first!

Kitchen Handyman – Stove Installation

If you need your new stove installed, Gateway Home Services can help. With over 30 years of experience in the construction and remodeling industries, we can have your new stove installed correctly.

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